A quick update on our progress on automatic theme installation for snaps

Here’s a little demo of the work we’ve been doing on automatic theme installation for snaps.

With this in place, whenever you install and apply a new theme to your desktop, a background service will check if its associated theme snap is installed, and, if not, ask if you’d like to install it. Of course, without the correct theme snap installed, snapped applications will not appear correctly themed.

This is still a work-in-progress - for example, in its current state, the service uses the snapd-control interface to install theme snaps (which is not ideal) - but as you can see, things are coming together nicely so far :slight_smile:


i’m not a technical guy, so maybe make it sound easy for me

does this mean that for a theme to applied on snap, there should exist a snap consisting of that theme ?

is there a way to do the same for icon-themes as well?

Yes, that’s correct.

Yes, if they exist, this service will install icon and sound theme snaps as well.

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is this coming to ubuntu 20.10?

if no, then how can i try it?

It will come to any system that supports snapd automatically updating itself, or via your other distro’s updates channel provided they’re keeping up to date. Both will be after snapd grows the support :slight_smile:


why not copy the correct them to snap after ask the use for that
It will work on themes not available on Snapcraft