A question about snaps theming

hi! i recently installed gtk-common-themes and updated all my snaps but they still aren’t themed correctly, like in the comment linked below.

i didn’t understand if the update hasn’t reached the stable channel yet or if i need to manually edit something.

thanks in advance!

Can you link the snaps that are having issues? Did you create the snaps or are you a user?

i have just these installed. i know inkscape can’t be themed right know, but even gnome apps aren’t themed as you can see in the screenshot of gnome system monitor

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I am having this issue as well. I believe reinstalling the program as a non snap should work.

Please can you all Like my comment here and maybe leave a comment with what’s not working, giving the versions of the snaps and the revisions (which you can find with snap info foo, the revision is the number in the brackets of installed) as well as the output of snap version and the version and revision of snap info core? Thanks :slight_smile: The snapcraft forum (which I linked) is where bugs with snaps get fixed.

done https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/use-the-system-gtk-theme/496/44

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Since a more appropriate forum exists, closing here.

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