A Message Of Hope


First of all, I wanted to apologize for my bad attitudes that I did here last year. I am aware of this and I think that, we should try again and try to be a better person every day. Although I defend the project that I’m part of, I thought and rethought a lot and now I’m here writing this.

Currently things are not looking good, however, following what I am doing to keep hope alive in this dark moment, I will leave here for everyone on Discourse, the Google Drive link to download this wallpaper:

I originally made it for Ubuntu Unity (since Yumi and Ulysses are present in it), however, considering that Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu Cinnamon and Ubuntu DDE are part of this great family that is Ubuntu, I understood that it would be wrong to restrict he at 4. So, I’m sharing him with you, he has the colors and mascots of Ubuntu Unity and UBPorts but, the message is universal for everyone.

I translated it into 98 languages, you download it for your language here.

Thanks for reading.

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