A man of many talents meets a community of many talents - An Introduction

My name is Tolorunloju-Ojo John (yes, you have to say the whole thing…just joking), you can call me Gambit. I am from Nigeria and I possess an academic background in architecture. I am also a designer with a penchant for storytelling and with professional experience as a graphic designer, visual designer, digital artist, and a UI designer I can tell one story a myriad of ways, I try my best to use these skills to solve as many real life problems as I can.

I am a designer surrounded by developer friends and I learnt about Ubuntu and the canonicals through them (still a newbie on that note), and applied for various roles as a Visual UI Designer and a Brand Marketing Manager and although I was rejected I would still love to be a part of the community.

I would like the opportunity to learn more about ubuntu, it’s brand, it’s goals and it’s products so that I can effectively learn, identify and contribute as a part of the community to solving it’s problems the way a designer can. Looking forward to meeting you all


I really, really want you to join the Lubuntu team, if you happen to have the spare time. We need someone exactly like you to fill the role of Design Lead. Could you hop in our Matrix channels so we can talk further?


Of course, I would love to


Hi Everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself. I have been in finance and accounting for 17 years, getting my CPA right after graduating from college, but my true passion has always been information technology, automation and process improvement, etc. Luckily I have always been able to merge my passion for information systems and finance in my roles as Corporate Controller and the like. I decided in June of this 2023 to just take off for a while and engross myself in my passions. I have come to love Linux, especially Ubuntu distribution and have spent the last 5 months playing with Rasberry Pi’s, Wireshark, Nmap, IPFire Firewall, learning Bash, python, and have completely given up using Windows. After learning so much about information security and then learning how Ubuntu provides Ubuntu Pro with all the security modules on up to 5 devices, I have been even more happy to have decided to make the move over to Ubuntu as my OS of choice. Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My pen name is Nvar Char. Robert is my real name, but Nvar Char is way cooler. Look forward to getting to know fellow Ubuntuphiles. I created an Ubuntu Pro GPT to be my mentor and to help me master the Ubuntu Pro security features. Also, took advantage of Google Cloud and AWS Free Cloud trial and ssh into Ubuntu VMs. I would love to work for Canonical, especially because of Ubuntu. I can tell I would fit in. Reading the documentation written by past contributors, especially the ‘aptitude’ package management system and just the sense of humor in the docs is so much fun.

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Hi guys, I hope you are all doing well. :hugs:
I am Doriane From Burundi currently in China and I applied for the Graduate Customer Success Manager position, I am fluent in French and English with Intermediate Chinese.
I have always been passionate about helping people in one way or the other and a few years ago I discovered Customer support and loved it.
You may wonder why tech firms, it’s quite simple, I like challenging environments and hate falling into the routine and it gives a purpose to my life knowing that I am contributing to something way bigger than I can imagine.
I started using Ubuntu 2 years ago at my previous workplace which is a trading company and fun fact is that Ubuntu in my local language means free or Grace :wink: which matches the team spirit in this community as I have been reading ever since I joined you here.
Obviously still a newbie, up for the challenge and eager to learn (I promise I am a quick learner :smiley:) at this stage, I would like to know more about the products and if possible how the customer success team operates and I hope I will be joining the team :crossed_fingers:t5:
Thank you for taking your time to read my intro and will be around reading through different channels and learn.


Nice to meet you, Doriane. and tsimonq2,. Also, you as well Gambit! I love that name. “MON AMI” - my favorite French X_man from the X-Men Marvel Comic. I also would love to work for This wonderful organization. I applied in August of 2023 and didn’t get accepted. But I am persistent and don’t give up. I applied for the Revenue Accountant position. I applied again today for Financial Analyst position, but I noticed the Revenue Accountant position is still open so i am open to that as well. I am actually open to software engineering, marketing this amazing product and company, or anything. Honestly I, like Gambit, am a man of many talents and can wear many hats. To me, its not about the job or the specific work. It is about the people, the challenge, the fun, the culture. The mission of the company or organization that I look for in companies I want to work for. I have not applied for any other jobs since then. You all seem like my kind of peoples. :blush: