A guide for Ubutnu 20.04 swap resizing?

I have an issue with DaVinci Resolve maxing out my 16GB ram and 2GB swap and then crashing. I think it would help to increase the swap file to 32GB.

There are many guides online but most of them talk about creating a whole swap partition and none of them are exactly clear on what is the best approach for Ubuntu 20.04 and I don’t want to take any risk copy pasting from dodgy sites and potentially breaking my system.

Is there a good and tested guide for increasing the size of the swapfile for Ubuntu 20.04?

Also is this potentially something that should be exposed in GUI during the Ubuntu installation process? I now imagine it should.

Thanks @ian-weisser, it worked :smile:

One non-dodgy solution appropriate for 20.04: https://askubuntu.com/a/763717/19626

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