503 errors on assets

For a day or so I keep seeing 503’s when the page loads, or when assets (such as avatars) are loading. The effect is broken images everywhere or failed page loads.

Is this known, or just me? Should I report it somewhere else?

/cc @aaronprisk / @kewisch


Looks like they’re slowly coming back.

Not here.


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I have tried four different internet connections (home, office, 5G in London, and cafe WiFi), and three separate computers (ThinkPad, MacBook Air and iPhone) and three OSs (Ubuntu 23.10, macOS, iOS).

The effect is the same, pronounced and seriously impacts both this site and forum.snapcraft.io usability.


I’m still seeing some weirdness as well:


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Seeing this as well on e.g. https://discourse.ubuntu.com/user_avatar/discourse.ubuntu.com/popey/48/20489_2.png . I’ve let our folks now internally. We’ve had a number of outages in the past week, this could be a leftover.


Magic, thanks.

I miss seeing everyone’s beautiful faces (or face-like images) and the broken images make me sad but nostalgic for Netscape Navigator!

Just spoke with someone from our ISDevOps team. They identified the issue and are just doing a bit of testing before they deploy the change to production. Everyone’s handsome/beautiful pictures will be back soon. :slight_smile:

:heart: @mthaddon

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It seems to be fine now, thanks to @mthaddon