22.04 daily builds

OMG Ubuntu listed some interesting UI changes. Inspired by that I grabbed the daily build ISO and installed it using Virtualbox. Even after fully updating, I got no new icons, the Orange colours etc.

Not sure why. Is there anything other than the daily build I should try?

The new 42-series Mutter and GNOME-Shell combo has not migrated to the release pocket yet (a mutter autopkgtest test still failing and probably yet unmet dependencies). You would have to enable the proposed pocket to see it in action. But make sure that you do it just within the container image and not on baremetal. The proposed pocket is highly risky at the moment and might break your Ubuntu at some point).


I will wait then. Thanks :slight_smile:

I have enabled proposed in one of my jammy installations and I don’t see any problems but most of the news aren’t there yet.