21.10 Testing Week Survey!

First of all, I’d just like to thank everyone who took part in the most recent testing week! Having so many people test the beta ISOs helps us make the final version even more polished! If this was your first testing week, we’re so glad you joined, and we hope you stick around for many more!

Also, some definite shoutouts to our organizers, @guiverc and @franksmcb! They volunteered to run the Impish Indri testing week, which is normally run by the phenomenal Yousuf Philips, who had to prioritize schoolwork. (And this is good! We love how everyone volunteers their time to contribute, but life comes first!) People like Chris, Bill, and Yousuf make the Ubuntu project better for everyone.

To help the volunteer organizers - and the community team who supports them - we’d like everyone who participated in testing week to fill out this short survey. And if you didn’t participate in testing week - but you wanted to - let us know if there’s anything we can do to try and make it possible or easier for you to participate next time!

21.10 Testing Week Survey