2023 Ubuntu Summit Call-for-Proposals Extended!

Greetings fellow FOSS enthusiasts!

Exciting news! We are extending the Call for Proposals abstract submission window for the 2023 Ubuntu Summit. Yes, you read that right! The new deadline to submit your talk/workshop/panel/lightning talk abstracts is now July 21st.

Why did we decide to extend the abstract submission window? Because the summit organisers need more time to review all the excellent submissions! We currently have 100+ submissions with more coming in each day. Some of our favourite topics so far include:

  • Gaming on Linux
  • Securing the FOSS supply chain
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Machine Learning and AI workflow management
  • Supporting and engaging with underserved communities

We are impressed by the quality and passion of the abstracts that have been submitted so far, so we want to give those of you who are either considering or still working on your abstracts more time to submit.

Are you still on the fence about submitting an abstract or even attending the Ubuntu Summit? Checkout some of our favourite testimonials from the 2022 Ubuntu Summit below:

  • “As a GNOME developer, I felt that the Ubuntu Summit truly acknowledged the significance of our collective efforts, along with those of other projects, in contributing to Ubuntu’s success. The event provided valuable opportunities for cross-project collaboration by fostering an environment where developers from different backgrounds could come together, share ideas, and work towards common goals.”

    ~ Felipe Borges – GNOME

  • “I had a fantastic time attending Ubuntu Summit 2022. It was wonderful to meet so many folks from the community, and deeply engage with them to get a wider understanding of the activities in this open source space! There were so many opportunities to sign up to give a talk, attend workshops, learn, meet others and so much more.”

    ~ Craig Loewen – Microsoft

  • “When I attended the 2022 Ubuntu Summit, I did so from the viewpoint of someone who has only been involved in the desktop portion of it. The summit opened my eyes to all the ways Ubuntu could be, and has been used. I was impressed with the robotics presentations, seeing first-hand how Ubuntu is being used to create music and art, and hearing about Ubuntu in ways I never thought of in industrial settings – things I don’t think of or experience on a day to day basis. Oftentimes, there was a difficult decision on which presentation to attend. However, the part I loved most of all was seeing the community. There were so many members from all over the world, with different projects and goals. Yet, we were all interested in the details and success of everybody else, offering help where they could. I left with a feeling that despite being involved in different ways, we are all in fact the same team.”

    ~ Sam Lane – Ubuntu Budgie

These were not the only folks who had a great time at the 2022 Ubuntu Summit, or our only favourite testimonials. Check out this blog post here for all the great testimonials we collected: https://ubuntu.com/blog/why-you-should-attend-the-ubuntu-summit.

As always, if you have any questions about the 2023 Ubuntu Summit, please feel free to reach out to summit@ubuntu.com, or connect with our friends on Ubuntu Hideout.


The Ubuntu Summit Organising Committee