1st APAC-Friendlier Community Office Hours

Hello! :wave:

In order to reach more of our global community, we’ll be alternating our community office hours between EMEA/Americas friendly at 18:00 UTC and APAC/EMEA friendly at 12:00 UTC. :earth_asia: Thursday, June 3 is our first of the ‘early’ office hours, and we hope you join Rhys and I - and possibly a special guest! - as we talk about what’s going on in the community and take questions from the chat. :question:

So this East Coaster (UTC -4:00) will see you bright and early tomorrow with the first of many cups of tea! :tea:


Missed it live as the Twitch schedule said the wrong time :frowning: (so i added the wrong time to my Google calendar)
but saw you @madhens posted in the BDL group on Telegram and watched it and ordered some ubuntu-fr swag :slight_smile: that @0LlVE promised on irc he will send to me tomorrow


Yay! Their swag is awesome - I know I’m ordering that Eoan Ermine shirt super soon, and probably more buttons and stickers for eventually doing Ubuntu Hours here in Atlanta. I can’t wait to see what ocelot creates for Impish Indri!

And I’ve updated the ‘About’ page on Twitch, and taken the other schedule off, since that’s meant to show a typical week and our office hours alternate between early and late. So I’ve provided a box ‘explaining’ the schedule and may add a link to follow the calendar so you can import it into the calendar of your choosing. Thanks for pointing that out, and being such a faithful viewer!

Thanks, changed to the correct times in my calendar now and will try to show up live on Thursday evening if i will have time otherwise i will watch the recording


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