[18.04] Intel Va-api support for Intel Comet Lake

Hello ,

We’ve been building Laptops based on Intel Cometlake


The intel i965 driver shipped in 18.04 does not work with recent Intel hardware

I guess we need a recent libva2 and the new intel-media-driver for this to work ?

Could @vanvugt update a bit this page :


So I understand what is needed here to ship video GPU-decoding enable laptops :slight_smile:

Sorry we seem to have forgotten to fix that issue in 18.04 still. And it is actually bug 1813131 so please keep the discussion there and not here.

CC @tjaalton

You are right the bug from rougeubuntu was a duplicate

But can you confirm 18.04+i965-driver+comet lake won’t work ?

I will then open a new bug

I don’t have a Comet Lake system to test but that probably doesn’t matter. Bug 1813131 is still open for 18.04 so please subscribe to that and don’t open a new bug.

I’m sure I’m talking about a different bug :

So I think my problem is just a backporting the new intel media driver ( which include a lot of good features anyway )


I’ve opened a bug to track the issue :


Maybe we need to define some ‘HWE’ rules for Va-api drivers as well to avoid that in the future.

The media driver stack is not included in the HWE backport set, but I think it should fall in the same category as mesa (which has VA/VDPAU drivers for AMDGPU) and get backported as-is. We’ll see.