18.04 doesn't boot/blank screen

I just installed Ubuntu 18.04 desktop on a server that has UBUNTU 18.04 server from bootable USB. (i chose to clean the disk and install the dektop version)
Installation was successful… but however after recycle… it wont boot up… it shows ubuntu welcome screen but after that it is all blank for ever … doesnt even prompt for id/password?!

Your question reads like a request for support to me, however this site is not setup for support, so I’d suggest you look at https://community.ubuntu.com/t/finding-help/712 and choose one of the support alternatives.

Obviously there is a problem with this site and it’s not the end users - Pretty brain dead of everyone at Canonical not to realize this. With the amount of people thinking this is a support site perhaps some things need to rethought at the company end. Just a thought but where is management - did they not think this through?