14.04.6 Release testing

Hi everyone,

14.04.6 is due this week to fix a security bug in apt as announced by Lukasz on the ubuntu-release mailing list. If you have some spare time, go to the ISO tracker, pick a build, pick a test case and try to break the image. If you can test on hardware it’d be super helpful.

Thanks testers for your help with this release!

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Alright, I’ve kind of decided that I will only help with 16.04 forward (because 16.04 was the first version of Ubuntu I have EVER used), but what community person and flavor developer would I be if I was never kind? So, I will pitch in by tomorrow, I am planning on working on the flavor today (I will post another Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix Update later today), so on Wednesday I will probably help you.



I just tested out the screen reader. It worked well, but it was sometimes hard to understand. I’m leaving the ideas to you, but otherwise the test passed.

Thanks for testing the screenreader. This is indeed a feature that needs some attention, it is still not great in disco.

Not a biggy. But for an idea starter, you could consider an option where you could “calibrate” the speed of the screen reader. But also, if the person downloads games, then it might be necessary for the screen reader to read the application they are not knowing hovering on.