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10 Years of Unity on Ubuntu

  • Originally developed for the Ubuntu Netbook Remix, Unity made its official debut on Ubuntu in version 11.04:

© Photo by Tripallokavipasek / Wikipedia

  • The last version of Ubuntu to come with it was version 17.04, where from 17.10 onwards it started using GNOME as the default desktop.

  • After that, several attempts were made to recover it, until the project took off in version 20.04:

  • This is one of the videos made on the release of Unity on Ubuntu 11.04:


  • Project leader Rudra Saraswat made a special celebration video:


  • As part of this celebration, design leader Allan Carvalho prepared these special wallpapers:

  • He also developed special wallpapers for UBPorts and its Ubuntu Touch and Lomiri (formerly Unity 8):

  • Ulysses and Yumi are great friends and companions on adventures in the frozen world of the penguin:

  • To conclude this thread, I leave you with a flag proposal for the Ubuntu community:

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This is dope :heart_eyes: Happy anniversary to yous :partying_face: I love the community flag.