+1 maintenance report - 2023 week 42

I was on +1 maintenance this week from the 16th to the 20th of October, 2023. Here’s my report:


I spend my time ensuring that all blocked packages failures are documented and reported in Debian / upstream where applicable. I created a bunch of bug reports:

I ended on cross-toolchain-base-mipsen which is 71 days old as of this Friday’s report (i.e. in the queue since 2023-08-10). From the 103 packages in the queue, the oldest 58 packages have a update-excuse bug linked and 8 of the more recent ones. This leaves 37 packages that still need to be looked at.

Tickets for the archive admins


I stumbled over Debian bug #1052847 and submitted a better fix for upstream marshmallow: https://github.com/marshmallow-code/marshmallow/pull/2198


pd-xsample 0.3.2+git20170905.1.4441ae5-6 fails to build on ppc64el. I fixed the last complaint from the build log and submitted it upstream. Then I noticed that this was only a warning and not the culprit. The relevant error message was printed way earlier. The latest upload enabled building Pd64 externals, but vec_dst only supports float but not double. So I disabled this change for ppc64el and uploaded pd-xsample 0.3.2+git20170905.1.4441ae5-7 to Debian unstable.


speech-dispatcher-contrib 0.11.5-1 needs speech-dispatcher >= 0.11.5. So a new version of speech-dispatcher needs to be merged.

pyina and pathos

pyina and pathos cannot be built because they need multiprocess >= 0.70.15, see Update to newer upstream (>= 0.70.15) to allow python3-pathos to build. So I went ahead and updated this Python modules using my Debian Python Team hat.


I created the update-excuse bug #2039968 and linked the already existing bug in Debian. Since it is a Python package under the Debian Python Team, I tried to fix it. The cmake configuration file has options to disable ssse3 and aes, but it hard-codes -mstackrealign. Then the build fails due to the missing wmmintrin.h header. So I decided to report the issue upstream to let upstream fix it: https://github.com/Legrandin/pycryptodome/issues/774

Syncs to fix failures

Following package should be (auto-)synced after the archive openening:

  • Sync 1.6.3-1 to fix proposed-migration for cgreen 1.5.1-1build1
  • Sync python-aiortc 1.5.0-3 to unblock the python3-aioice/0.9.0-1 migration
  • Sync sublime-music/0.12.0-1 - this should solve the autopkgtest failure with dataclasses-json 0.5.13-2
  • Sync gpac >= 2.2.1+dfsg1-2 which builds with ffmpeg 6.0
  • Sync pd-xsample 0.3.2+git20170905.1.4441ae5-7 which fixed the build failure on ppc64el
  • Sync multiprocess 0.70.15-1 to allow building pyina and pathos

Maybe there is system issue with Debian. Github has possibility not also to compile and test, but also possibility to use bots for supported langs. Opensource projects uses build system like ninja, cmake, meson, but bigger companies like Google are using better system called Bazel.build and maybe some time it will be supported on Github with its possibilites altough Debian has own infrastructure and when some projects like these are somewhere hosted, problems on Debian occurs and maybe these projects are not so interested in Debian affairs and State of Running problems and problem occurs.

Maybe there should be initiative for tracking Debian issues if they are specific for Debian or it is project issue, but for such thing there should be open source managers tracking these problems and forward them to their code owners or if on Debian side, something to think about is maybe needed, but also trying to find sponsors for seemingly abandonded projects(at least currently)…

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Sorry I fail to understand what you wanted to say.

Many of those proposed migration failures where on packages that we import unmodified from Debian. Many of those failures also occur on Debian and most often there was already a Debian bug for it.