I’m a fan of Ubuntu Server and like the trust we can have in the software they provide. I’ve been using it as a base for my PC since the 16.04 LTS version.
I was a Windows user before, and I’m used to their desktop layout for many years. Even in every workplace I’ve been to, I had to use it and that since MS-DOS with Norton Commander. Linux seems so complicated at that time, to me. (I’m self-taught and do not like schooling and big theories I can’t memorize - I prefer to see for myself and experience the things)

I found the way to consider the use of Linux only when I saw the Cinnamon environment. I do install it without software (–no-install-recommands) and set it up to match with the Ubuntu style.

I want to put my own server online to share my passion for Linux, Ubuntu, Gnome software and Cinnamon. Because I’ve found my own configuration of it I like.

Now I’m actively searching for people who would like to help me to put this Ubuntu server online in a secure way without many costs, as it would be private and without any interest for money. Just sharing experience and giving support to those who can’t afford it.

That’s the reason why I’m active here.

Cheers !