Well what can i say about me…

I’m a 5"11, 19st 2, Ex-Computer tech who’s had his fair share of hassles the past few years.

I’m what most would call quick witted, i have a tendency to be sarcastic, i def talk straight and I’m not one for beating around the bush as it were… if i got something to say you can be sure ill say it no matter what the consequences are or the pain what i say may cause.

I dont take kindly to people who take the piss or bs others… im not the happy, go lucky type…

I’m a joker but i ain’t no fool, I’m up for a laugh on most things in general. I like to think I’m there for my friends i listen when they have problems, try to lighten situations when needs be and generally cheer them up if i can. If the problem is more physical i can deal with that as well without too many problems.

Ive got a real sense of duty when it comes to my friends and would do anything necessary to help them.

I can be stubborn, pig headed and down right obnoxious if i think it necessary.

Apart from that well ain’t much else to say… not many people can cope with me. I tend to be a real handful till they get to know me (if they last that long). If they do last that long though, im probably one of the best people to know. I tend to be able to give the help people need, I’m a decent shoulder to cry on and a strong person to take problem’s (as long as they ain’t my own lol).

As far as my “IT” background goes… I’ve been a UNIX/Linux user for the past 25+ years, I started messing around with UNIX first then as time went on I got interested in Linux and Open Source Software, I’m not a GNU/FSF “fan” I think proprietary software (especially driver firmware/software) have a place in the market and should not be pushed out, Open Source is not just about Open Code, Imo Its about making an ecosystem in which Open Source projects are as strong as proprietary ones, both can help each other, building strong relationships to improve in areas where either is weak, rather than looking on each other as “Cancers” or “Poisons”.