Zixing Liu | Membership Application

I, Zixing Liu, apply for core-dev.

Name Zixing Liu
Launchpad Page Zixing Liu in Launchpad
Wiki Page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/liushuyu-011

I am applying because:

  • I’d like to eliminate delays in getting my work sponsored.
  • I’d like to reduce the burden on my sponsors.

Who I am

I am a software engineer from Canada working for Canonical Canada. While this is my first job, I have some prior experience working on software projects during high school and university for various open-source projects.

I studied Computer Science and Statistics at the University of Alberta in Canada.

My Ubuntu story

In high school (circa 2013), I learned the world beyond Windows and OS X (later renamed macOS).
The first version I installed on my device was Lucid (12.04), and then I discovered I couldn’t use wireless anymore (later, I learned this was because I had a Broadcom BCM4312 card).
Then, I started distro-hopping until university, where I finally settled on Ubuntu 18.04 for ordinary devices and another non-mainstream Linux distro for more exotic devices.

My involvement

As a member of the Foundations team, whose responsibility is mainly to the Rust toolchain, my main focus is the Rust micro-ecosystem within Ubuntu and Debian.

However, due to the nature of my work, I am still working on a larger scope of system packages in Ubuntu. This might include “other languages” toolchains like Node.js and D language.

In somewhat recent times, I also helped the Ubuntu/Debian work through the armhf time_t transition and the xz-utils-related archive rebuild/clean-up.

Examples of my work / Things I’m proud of

General bug fixes and improvements

Package Version Bugs Action Notes
rust-cargo-mutants 23.6.0-1ubuntu1
icu 72.1-3ubuntu3
sbsigntool 0.9.4-3.1ubuntu3
apprise 1.7.2-1ubuntu1
apr-util 1.6.3-1.1ubuntu5
jackd2 1.9.21~dfsg-3ubuntu1 2057704
gnuplot 6.0.0+dfsg1-1ubuntu1 2057714
openmpi 4.1.6-5.1ubuntu3
libabigail 2.4-2.1ubuntu1 2057739
hdf5 1.10.10+repack-3.1ubuntu2 2057741
mpi4py 3.1.5-5ubuntu1 2057848
openmpi 4.1.6-5.1ubuntu4 1070321
rpcbind 1.2.6-7ubuntu1
libisoburn 1:1.5.6-1.1ubuntu2
qt6-webengine 6.4.2-final+dfsg-12ubuntu3
qtwebengine-opensource-src 5.15.16+dfsg-1ubuntu1
rustc 1.75.0+dfsg0ubuntu1-0ubuntu5
x11vnc 0.9.16-9ubuntu1
spamassassin 4.0.0-8ubuntu3
krb5 1.20.1-5.1ubuntu1
rsyslog 8.2312.0-3ubuntu7
softhsm2 2.6.1-2.2ubuntu2 2059340
libcdio 2.1.0-4.1ubuntu1
backstep 0.3-0ubuntu13
berkeley-abc 1.01+20230625git01b1bd1+dfsg-3ubuntu1 2060873
kcemu 0.5.2+dfsg-1ubuntu1 2060887
netdiag 1.2-1.2ubuntu1 2060901
pike8.0 8.0.1738-1.3ubuntu1 2061023
prelink 0.0.20131005-1.1ubuntu1 2061029
prime-phylo 1.0.11-10ubuntu1 2061032
ruby-fusefs 0.7.0-5ubuntu1 2061037
ucspi-tcp 1:0.88-8ubuntu1 2061188
samhain 4.1.4-2.1ubuntu1 2061192
scrollz 2.2.3-2ubuntu1 2061184
rust-glib-sys 0.19.0-1ubuntu1 2061202
xbill 2.1-9ubuntu1
squeak-plugins-scratch 2061587
tcpxtract 1.0.1-17ubuntu1 2061589
whitedune 0.30.10-2.2ubuntu1 2061038
uhub 0.4.1-3.2ubuntu1 2061039
st 1.9-3.3ubuntu1 2060973 2061639
rust-glib-sys 0.19.0-1ubuntu2 2061202
pct-scanner-scripts 0.0.4-4ubuntu1 2064970
ruby-mongo 2.5.1-1.1ubuntu1 2064969
rust-glib-sys 0.19.0-1ubuntu2 2061202
pct-scanner-scripts 0.0.4-4ubuntu1 2064970
ruby-mongo 2.5.1-1.1ubuntu1 2064969
chmlib 2:0.40a-8ubuntu1 2062947
intel-mediasdk 22.5.4-1ubuntu1 2062948



MIR (Main Inclusion Report)

Package Version Bugs Action Notes
cargo + dh-cargo cargo since 1.71.1+dfsg0ubuntu1-0ubuntu2; dh-cargo since 30ubuntu1 1993819 mir
libgit2 + http-parser libgit2 since 1.5.1+ds-1ubuntu1; http-parser since 2.9.4-6 1990655 mir
libstring-license-perl N/A 2007279 mir

>> List of other Ubuntu contributions

Ubuntu-related Upstream work

The following listing does not include patches forwarded to Debian and only includes accepted work.

Areas of work

  • Update and fix Rust toolchains in Ubuntu and (sometimes) upstream.
  • Attending +1 maintenance shifts.
  • Looking for ways to improve Rust developer experiences on Ubuntu.
  • (Sometimes) maintain other toolchains for which no particular Ubuntu team is responsible.

Things I could do better

  • Focus on the details and avoid minor mistakes
  • Get to know the wider Ubuntu and Linux community
  • Help more upstream projects to have better software delivered on Ubuntu (especially Rust projects)

Plans for the future


  • Help Rust-GCC to at least compile the standard hello world program (as in the newcomer tutorial)
  • Help more people in the Ubuntu community to know about Rust
  • Help more Rust developers (Rustaceans) to know Ubuntu and clear up the misunderstandings
  • Help more frontend developers understand why Rust is a good fit for JavaScript/WASM tooling
  • Help grow other safe(r) system language toolchains (e.g. Ada, D, Swift and Zig) within Ubuntu (and Debian).

What I like least in Ubuntu

  • Localization/CJK support was and is still a huge disaster. When I finished installing 12.04, the first thing I discovered (aside from WiFi being unavailable) was that the Chinese input method editor was not working. Fast-forward 10 years, and the input method story with Wayland is now even worse.
  • Launchpad UI/UX is problematic, especially on a HiDPI screen. With most desktop/laptop devices using high-resolution screens, the texts are so small that I must manually set the scaling (not to mention the mobile experience is non-existent).
  • Too few people participating in the development. Maybe it’s a general thing about all the Linux distributions, but if you look at #ubuntu-devel IRC, the people talking there are usually limited to a handful that you will memorize all within a day.


Impressive contributions towards Ubuntu.
Especially being on the Foundations team since 2023.

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