"World’s First Universal IoT Platform" is released

The Lexi platform provides a solution for enterprise customers to deploy smart home offerings and commercial IoT projects. The platform is designed for controlling smart building and home configurations and is “interoperable” with 3rd-party devices and “universal” by working across multiple home ecosystems.

After more than two years in development, Lexi recently launched its third-generation platform, including new white-label mobile apps, white label cloud and an agnostic, universal IoT gateway. Lexi’s multi-protocol, edge-to-cloud offering enables companies to work with leading ecosystems across major wireless protocols. IoT gateways are usually required in smart home protocols, whereas a universal IoT gateway supposedly interconnects different wireless protocols.

Read the press release and share your thoughts below. It will be interesting to monitor whether the LEXI IoT Platform will deliver on the promise of easing the IoT experience by connecting products across ecosystems.