Will 21.04 use 5.10 or 5.11 when it's released?

I just got updated on my laptop running on devel branch, and I’m just wondering if we’ll be getting 5.11 before April, or gonna be sticking with 5.10?

Hey YamiYukiSenpai

Looks like the develops are going with the 5.10 kernel.
See: https://9to5linux.com/ubuntu-21-04-is-now-powered-by-linux-5-10-lts-wayland-enabled-by-default.

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kernel 5.10 LTS seems wasted for Ubuntu 21.04 who is not LTS.

Kernel freeze is planned for 2021-04-08, see Hirsute Hippo Release Schedule.

And? Ubuntu is delivering a distribution kernel from the Ubuntu repositories. It is irrelevant, if it is a LTS or stable release on kernel.org.

Hopefully it does make it.