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There seems to be a huge backlog of people applying for membership in the wiki editors team, is there anything that can be done to speed this along a bit? We have a Forum member who is applying for Ubuntu membership, but he is stuck, because he can’t create a wiki page, which is one of the requirements for membership

What’s the launchpad ID of the person requesting access?

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Done, thanks.

Unfortunately we have to be careful with the current wiki. We had numerous spammers join the team and then paste all kinds of nonsense. They also deleted existing pages, which disrupted the work of the teams who owned those pages. So we are incredibly careful about who gets access to edit the wiki.


Thank you, we’ll let him know.

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@kenvandine I’ve been trying to get a new but heavily involved user Aaron added to wiki-editors. He has applied; and I’ve sent supporting emails (from my @ubuntu (27 may) & @gmail (24 june) email accounts) but haven’t heard anything.

In time, I’m expecting Aaron to become Lubuntu member, even Lubuntu developer, but email requests appear to be missed…


Taken care of, thanks for reaching out!

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