Why do each Ubuntu flavor have their own forum

What’s the point of having separate forums for Kubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, etc.? They are official flavors after all. Wouldn’t it be better for the official flavor to use this as their official forum?


They are actually different distros with a common base, that’s about all to it.

Still doesn’t change the fact that these distros are official Ubuntu distros. I personally think that having one official community hub for Ubuntu and its flavors is much more beneficial for Ubuntu as a whole.

I’d agree with you if we’re talking about an Ubuntu derivative, like Linux Mint.

There’s a number of reasons. Here’s a couple.

First of all is time. This Community Hub is only a year old. Most of the other Ubuntu derivatives long ago setup their own ways to communicate between the developers and among the users. We’d of course be delighted if any of the flavours wanted a category or more here, but I’m not about to push them to do that, because they know their teams and communities better.

Second there’s branding. This site is very much “Ubuntu” branded (see the giant orange bar). Each flavour has its own identity, colour, theme. It could very well confuse people and dilute the flavours brands.