What's next for CentOS users?

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With Red Hat’s announcement that it will be killing off the free CentOS variant of its flagship distribution - Red Hat Enterprise Linux - thousands of users are left perplexed.

What are the options available for migrating to Ubuntu from CentOS/RHEL? What does a migration ‘look like’? How much will it cost our organization and how much time will it take to migrate?

These are just a few of the questions our team receives almost everyday, so we are giving you the opportunity to speak directly with the experts in a live Q&A session!

This 30 minute panel session will cover:

  • Ubuntu as a viable alternative to CentOS
  • Market options comparisons based on required resources and technical advantages
  • Any questions put forward by the audience - this is a session tailored to what is important to you.


  • Craig Bender - Solutions Architect
  • Jeff Hillman- Principal Field Engineer
  • Andre Ruiz - Field Software Engineer
  • Lech Sandecki - Product Manager
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