What if my system crashes or the patch is buggy after a Livepatch module is inserted?

If a module crashes a system, it will not be loaded on reboot. Livepatch will make a best-effort attempt to not re-insert and reload the patch, given it detects a system crash within 10 seconds of loading the module.

In a scenario where a patch contains a bug, Livepatch will do a best effort match against the kernel logs to locate bug messages after insertion. In case a bug is found the Livepatch client will report that the module was inserted but caused a bug and the patch will not be reapplied on reboot

Additionally, in both cases a “lockfile” is created, containing the bug trace.

On the next reboot of the machine, if the lockfile is present, the patch will not be inserted again.

After Canonical becomes aware that the patch is faulty, it will be blocked from delivery.