Webinar: IoT Project Lifecycle

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subtitle What are the typical steps when deploying IoT edge devices?
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Starting a new IoT project could often feel like a challenge. Choosing the right hardware, software and making it all work together requires time and specialist skills. By identifying the typical problems encountered and the patterns that lead to success you can significantly improve project planning and delivery.

Avoiding the pitfalls of doing the same tasks every time from scratch will allow you to focus on solving the challenges that matter most to you and your business. IoT project maintenance and continuous software improvement become easier when using suitable technologies. Join us to find how Ubuntu Core, the IoT app store and snaps can help you on your IoT journey.

If you want to learn more about the subject, you can check out Ubuntu Core, Canonical’s IoT focused operating system. It is built entirely of snaps which can be distributed publicly or privately through your own IoT app store.