Variants of Logos for Flavours


As one of my contributions to Ubuntu, I am making available for this topic, two logo variants for each flavor of Ubuntu, I hope you like it:


Ubuntu Cinnamon:

Ubuntu Kylin:


Ubuntu MATE:



Ubuntu Studio:

Ubuntu Budgie:


Hey! I like those! They’re actually quite nice! Good work!

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Not going to lie that’s pretty cool

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It would actually be cool if in the summer Ubuntu cinnamon can use that yellow glow to represent the sun and then in the winter flavors like budgie can use the colorful variants to show their inner resemblements.

MATE got the spring and… fall… will probably go to us or Kylin for fun

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Nice! But what about Ubuntu Cinnamon?


Nice work, by the way, @ubunteiro-feliz. If you want to come do art for Lubuntu, I won’t say no :wink:


Hadn’t seen the Ubuntu Cinnamon one, sorry!

Taking a look here in the gallery, I found a wallpaper I created for Ubuntu Studio:

Nice. If I were you, I’d upload that to :slight_smile:

At the moment, I’m uploading it here on the site, and ultimately, on Google Drive. I’m doing this for the sake of security and visibility.