Variant B - User action triggers empty state


This scenario describes when there is no content available to show as a result of an action. For instance, searching or filtering items in a list, table, page, or results that shows up in cards. As a result of an action, we want to encourage people to retry that action with a hint that can help them accomplish a task.

The look


When to use

Users need to understand that they have successfully completed a process. Use this empty state as a way to provide feedback as an outcome of an interaction.

Use cases:

  • Providing feedback as a result of searching or filtering.
  • Providing feedback as a confirmation that a process is complete.

Precisely explain the reason as a result of the interaction and provide some follow up steps or hints to guide the user. For instance, if there are no search results, suggest a hint to adjust the search and filter or a link to documentation as a secondary option.

*Caveat: There may be situations where next steps are not possible or supplementary text is not required. In this case use your judgement about what is useful to include. For instance, when a controller is set up successfully but there are no action logs available yet.