Updating IRC links on the wiki

Here’s a nice straightforward way to contribute.

The Ubuntu Wiki has a ton of pages which reference freenode irc. As you may know, we’ve moved from freenode to libera.chat. If someone (or a group) have a little time, it might be useful to just ninja the pages which point to the freenode pages, web chat and channels, and update them to the new libera chat resources. This will prevent signposting the wrong place to new users.

I have a local copy of the most recently edited pages on the wiki (don’t ask, long story). I just checked and there’s only around 100 pages which have been edited in the last 3 months which reference freenode. There’s a list here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/q9cjQqRNp5/

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Unfortunately the pages for the team that I’m the primary contact are marked as “Immutable Page” so I’m locked out. Also the Loco Directory points all IRC channels to Freenode. I’m not sure how to move those along to fix those links (along with the broken link to this Discourse site for our team, which is no longer working.)

I suspect it’s because you’re not in the Ubuntu Wiki Editors team which gives permission to edit the wiki. Join that team, logout and login to the wiki, refresh, and you should have access.

The Lubuntu pages referenced there were by me (no doubt).

The LXDE-lubuntu pages were just renames as part of task 180 where the Lubuntu team which now supports only LXQt, are distancing ourselves from the unsupported LXDE pages (were Lubuntu, now LXDE-lubuntu).

All pages should have a deprecated notice on them anyway in red at the top (eg. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LXDE-lubuntu/Artwork) though that wasn’t put on every page, a page relating to 16.04, 15.10 etc shouldn’t need an deprecated notice (I’d hope it was obvious).

The other Lubuntu pages will be redirects (or existing page with delay & redirect; most later edits will be a shortened delay) to Lubuntu’s manual, phab or somewhere on https://lubuntu.me/ (eg. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LXDE-lubuntu/Applications is just a stub).

I don’t think the Lubuntu pages are worth changing myself OR already covered; as they’re only historical records now.

I wasn’t looking for freenode (with T180), but as we don’t support LXDE I currently don’t see an issue… Any page I thought still applies [to Lubuntu] should re-direct to a current page (1 sec or longer delay)

If I’m wrong though, I’ll happily correct any Lubuntu page.

addendum: one [Lubuntu] in your list @popey I’ve since added a missing deprecated notice, so thank you :slight_smile:

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