Unable to access http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu

Seems like I can’t can access http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu but If I click on ubuntu from above page, url adds ubuntu and becomes http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu and goes nowhere.

Am i doing something wrong (may using wrong url) ? or some issue with above URL. thanks!

Doesn’t happen for me. Must be related to your browser

Did you click ubuntu directory from above URL? Does it display sub-directories?

updated my question, to provide more info.

I tested this from 2 different machines, something else is going on.

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Both urls working fine here: Southern Ontario, North America. DNS on your end?

I’m located in India. Here is screencast of this issue from here:


Yes, I’m seeing that too. And it seems you can repeatedly click on ‘ubuntu’ which just adds further 'ubuntu/'s to the URL.


Yes, that’s the exact issue, thanks for the confirmation.

This has always been the case, also happens on http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu and isn’t anything you need to worry about.


ok, thanks for the clarification.

Yup, but it doesn’t automatically redirect. It is just a duplicate of that folder or link.