Ubuntu Web Remix

@mertgor I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear, but I’m already an operating system and kernel developer, so not looking for training at the moment :slight_smile: Thank you.

Yes I mean I will train myself and other newcomers. I’m downloading your source. See you.

why only for windows 64 bit?

@sergiorazzi Sorry, ‘Windows’? Am referring to a CPU with an x86_64 architecture (64-bit Intel or AMD processor, amd64) :slight_smile:

You’re not keeping me waiting, I am just excited. Take your time mate! :slight_smile:

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Hi! I mean yours distro is for processor with 64 architecture, I have one with 32 architecture, my laptop is an LG X110 Intel® AtomTM Processor N270(1.60Ghz/533Mhz/FSB512K) System Memory 1,024MB x1 DDRII 667MH. I cant have more than 1 gig memory its not removable.

@sergiorazzi I’m sorry, but you need at least 2GB of RAM (probably more if you want to run Android apps) and a 64-bit architecture. You might want to consider upgrading your hardware.

amd x64. windows has nothing to do with it

Hi everyone, the ISO has now been updated to include Snow (a tool I created that tries to provide an app-like experience with Firefox, without the browser UI elements and with its own title and icon). It can be downloaded from the same sources as earlier (DarkPenguin, FossTorrents).


I can find a solution for “web app” market, store. Which will be coded in any language, but I guess it will be with Python and Django. Could you please elaborate ? @rs2009

root password what is the root password for ubuntu web remix

there hopefully is none, as this would break ubuntu security defaults of using sudo for all admin tasks …


describes how to set one though


@ss3988024 Like @ogra mentioned, you are expected to use sudo for getting root privileges. This is for your security.

It is definitely not recommended to set a root password (although you can set it by typing sudo passwd root in the terminal).

thank you. so far, im enjoying using ubuntu web. smooth and no prob at all. impressive! keep up the good work!

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Hello, thank you for your work @rs2009. Just a quick question: I’m trying to boot this distro on an old Dell Vostro 1510 with Intel Core 2 Duo T5870, but it fails and i can’t get past a initramfs console. I tried 3 different USB sticks, Rufus and Win32DiskImager to create the live USB, but the problem persist. I also checked che MD5 and it matches. Any advice? Thanks in advance!

@marculfo Are you attempting to boot the LiveCD, or are you attempting to boot an installed system?

@rs2009 I created a live CD with Rufus. The PC boot from it, get to the GRUB screen and I select “try Ubuntu without install”. I see a “Ubuntu Web” logo with a spinning circle for a copule of seconds, then it stops (without any error) and I reach the BusyBox built-in shell with initramfs command line.

@rs2009, you need to redirect people with technical support questions such as this to the proper place. Per the header:

This site is not for technical support.

Since Ubuntu Web is a Remix and not an official flavor, you need to be able to redirect people to somewhere to do technical support. Ubuntu Discourse is not the place to do that.

Thanks for your understanding.


@eeickmeyer Sure, Erich.

I’ve created a Telegram group and announcements channel at https://t.me/ubuntuwebdiscuss and https://t.me/ubuntuwebannounce, respectively.

@marculfo Could you please ask your query at the above Telegram group link?

Sure, thank you! I also asked on askubuntu.com, let’s see if someone can help :slight_smile:

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