Ubuntu Unity Remix 20.04

@rs2009 Is there some repository (GitHub, GitLab) that you store the files to build the releases. Maybe with it, someone else may support the iniciative too. I don’t know whether you change the source code, or just installed the packages.

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@leandroungari I’ll be doing that one of these days, and share the link.

Spotted this today - https://www.linuxuprising.com/2018/08/how-to-perform-clean-ubuntu-1804-with.html
Its a tutorial of how to do a clean Unity install on a ubutu mini.iso.
Is there any difference between this method and your distro?
As a curiosity:
I have used the last 2-3 lts of ubuntu, always did an upgrade to new version and my system still works, but seriously thinking to perform a clean unity install. Btw: firstly I used a thinkpad x201, just took the ssd and inserted it into the new laptop - a thinkpad t440p - and the system worked without any issues.


@gheorghe There are many differences, such as the fact that mini.iso is not for UEFI Systems. Also, this is in the form of an installable ISO. And I have customized Unity to use GDM3, rather than LightDM. These are just some of the many differences.

Thank you @popey for your feedback and the screenshot!

Thanks @copong for your feedback :+1: I was focusing on getting the old experience back, so didn’t include the new stuff. Your feedback noted for the next build :slight_smile: The current build is using Ambiance, not Yaru, but you can install it. I’ll add it in the next build.

Excellent job in an effort to continue and preserve Unity desktop !!!

Where we can discuss our testing experience or possible bugs, glithches ect.?

@blue239 Thanks, please join us on Telegram at https://t.me/ubuntuunityannouncements and https://t.me/ubuntuunitydiscuss.

Also, although we are still in the process of building the website, we do have a forum at https://kroblinuxenterprise.xyz/forum where you can log bugs. Please note that this flavor is a product of Krob.

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For those who are interested to make some free space on top unity panel - you can remove ”annoying” mail icon - indicator-messages. You just run an easy apt remove command.
And @rs2009 i dont think there is a need of it in future releases :wink:

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@gheorghe Sure, I’ll take care of it in the next build :wink:

Maybe apt install unity-mail

Got plans on switching to Yaru by default?

@YamiYukiSenpai I might include it, but I think I’ll keep the old theme as default, as this brings back the old experience that many requested for. I’ll probably create a poll to know what you guys want.

We now have an official Twitter Handle at https://twitter.com/ubuntu_unity/. Please follow us and vote for GDM3 or LightDM on Twitter by clicking on the link https://twitter.com/ubuntu_unity/status/1259003050229809152

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Lightdm forever :heart:


@ricard07 I’ll include the package to fix it in the next weekly build.

Do you want Ambiance or Yaru? Quick voting for this weekend’s build. Please vote here: https://twitter.com/ubuntu_unity/status/1259155885445623809

@nio-wiklund Thanks for your great feedback. Glad that it works well for you. Do let me know if you find any issues whatsoever. :+1:

And I have customized Unity to use GDM3 , rather than LightDM . These are just some of the many differences.

Why would you do that?


A few tweaks needed to Yaru IMHO. I think minimize and maximize buttons would look better if they were they had grey round behind them and making the titlebar color a little bit darker in the name of matching the GTK theme. This will both look better and will bring the old feeling, again IMHO :slight_smile: