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It is currently hard to estimate which member here is a part of Ubuntu team. While it is great to see everyone on an even platform, it is comforting to see a reply from an Ubuntu team member. Is it possible to add any indicator badge to Ubuntu team members ? Thanks.


That’s an interesting suggestion. We did consider this before the site launched, but in the hurry to get it setup, we lowered the priority of that. I’ll take a look at adding badges to people. It might be useful for them to map to launchpad teams, as they already exist. Such as ~ubuntumembers, ~ubuntu-desktop and similar for other well known teams.


@popey Any update on this ? I really miss this when dealing with theme-refresh group

I’ve not looked into it recently, no. However it’s not a small amount of effort required to achieve this. While we could do a one-time shot to add people to these proposed groups, they need ongoing maintenance. What happens when someone leaves the ubuntu members group, or the desktop team? Who administers the groups? There appears to be an API which might be used to keep in sync, but someone would need to write the code to query launchpad and sync the group here. If someone fancies taking a look at that, that would be awesome.

At least for theme-refresh group, could you please set up groud badges or some indicators ? It should not take the forum to be in maintenance mode to implement it.

I would be (politely) opposed to this.

Badges, Karma, Reputation, Beans and other identifiers of status are useful in the help forums, an imperfect-but-effective clue to help determine the skilled from the unskilled.

However, I think the working teams and projects of the Community Hub are different:

  • A team is a relationship, not a one-time help transaction.
  • On most teams, I think it’s apparent pretty quickly who the leaders and main contributors are.
  • Contributors drift in and out. Like Ubuntu Membership, a badge may simply mean that somebody was a great contributor on some project at some time. But it doesn’t say anything about today or about the team’s subject at hand.

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