Ubuntu LoCo Council elections are open!

We just started the elections for the new Ubuntu LoCo Council!

Every Ubuntu Member is eligible to vote! We use the Condorset Internet Voting System (CIVS) to run this election. Registered users should have received a ballot in their mailbox. Voting ends on 2024-01-08.

Note that CIVS requires you to register before it sends your ballot!. You can register here: https://civs1.civs.us/cgi-bin/opt_in.pl. Make sure to register using the correct email address:

  • If your launchpad email address is public, use that address to register.
  • If your launchpad email address is not public, use <username>@ubuntu.com to register.

Users that are not registered should have received an email from me asking them to register.

Let me know if there are any issues. Either send me an email at merlijn.sebrechts@gmail.com, contact me on Matrix #merlijn-sebrechts:ubuntu.com, or mesebrec on Telegram.


I did register when it cam about 4 days ago. The page said I was confirmed. But…

I never received an email after that for the link to go anywhere to vote(???) Someone else told me to get a hold of you.


I notice that the emails sent to me about this are from noreply@… So just posting the info here. Since it is all on, It’s all public info anyways.

My registered email is the same at my LaunchPad ID here: Mike Ferreira in Launchpad … which is mafoelffen@gmail.com

“Frogs Hair”, a Moderator at the Forum, also tells me, that the same has happened to him, where he registered, but never received any email to vote.

So I am not an isolated event with this.

Hi, Just a quick question. On what timezone this deadline based on? (Maybe UTC?)

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Last day to vote is 2024-01-08 AoE time

Given the confusion people might have with “on” vs “before” vs “after”, we just employ the most broad interpretation.


Good luck to all that have been nominated.

Results are in! New Ubuntu LoCo Council


As elections are done and results are posted, closing! Congrats to the new LoCo Council!