Ubuntu Install Troubles - 3 storage devices

Hi All,

First time post. I’m at witts end trying to get Ubuntu installed with my current setup.

Please take a look at my Windows Partition Manager screenshot to get an idea of what my current disk setup is.

As you can see, I have 1 ssd, 2 hdd. Disk 0 ‘Data’ (HDD) contains my Windows 10 programs, interpreters, compilers, and TV Shows/Music/Movies. Disk 1 (SSD) contains all my Windows 10 installation, as well as some other partitions. Disk 2 ‘Games’ (HDD) contains my game install (Steam, Epic Games Store, etc…) Disk 2 has 50.00 GB of unallocated space on which I want to use for Ubuntu. I’ve been trying and looking at guides for the past several hours and really am just unable to get things working properly. Ideally, when I turn my computer on, I would like it to ask me if I would rather boot into Linux or Windows (10) each time, does that make sense? Essentially, I am unable to get to a point where I can boot to Ubuntu (tried every boot option available to me). I ended up just deleting my Ubuntu partition and it is now unallocated, as you can see.

Using a bootable USB stick with the latest Ubuntu version.
BIOS Mode set to: UEFI, if that is important here.

If someone has been through this process and would like to guide me through it or post some tips/instructions, that would be so very gratefully appreciated. I will be checking on this thread multiple times daily until I get my Ubuntu setup working properly.


Sorry we missed your post. Hope you got it figured out.

I’m sure you realized that community.ubuntu.com is the wrong place for support requests.

The Finding Help topic details where you can get support for Ubuntu.