Ubuntu Install Troubles - 3 storage devices

Hi All,

First time post. I’m at witts end trying to get Ubuntu installed with my current setup.

Please take a look at my Windows Partition Manager screenshot to get an idea of what my current disk setup is.

As you can see, I have 1 ssd, 2 hdd. Disk 0 ‘Data’ (HDD) contains my Windows 10 programs, interpreters, compilers, and TV Shows/Music/Movies. Disk 1 (SSD) contains all my Windows 10 installation, as well as some other partitions. Disk 2 ‘Games’ (HDD) contains my game install (Steam, Epic Games Store, etc…) Disk 2 has 50.00 GB of unallocated space on which I want to use for Ubuntu. I’ve been trying and looking at guides for the past several hours and really am just unable to get things working properly. Ideally, when I turn my computer on, I would like it to ask me if I would rather boot into Linux or Windows (10) each time, does that make sense? Essentially, I am unable to get to a point where I can boot to Ubuntu (tried every boot option available to me). I ended up just deleting my Ubuntu partition and it is now unallocated, as you can see.

Using a bootable USB stick with the latest Ubuntu version.
BIOS Mode set to: UEFI, if that is important here.

If someone has been through this process and would like to guide me through it or post some tips/instructions, that would be so very gratefully appreciated. I will be checking on this thread multiple times daily until I get my Ubuntu setup working properly.