Ubuntu@FOSDEM - Schedule and Discussion

This topic is for posting the schedule for the stand this weekend, chatting about any of the sessions, and maybe even sharing pictures of your own trips to FOSDEMs of years past, tasty hot cocoa and waffles, your virtual conference set up, etc.

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Saturday, February 5

11:00 AM: Ubuntu Unity Remix
11:30 AM: Gamebuntu
12:00 PM: Contributing to Open Source Projects with Ubuntu, Nextcloud, and Collabora
2:00 PM: Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix
5:00 PM: Downstream Distro Panel (Regolith/Elementary/Pop!_OS)

Sunday, February 6

1:00 PM: Setting up a Collabora/Nextcloud Instance on Ubuntu
2:00 PM: Flutter on Ubuntu (video and Q&A)
3:00 PM: The Ubuntu community structure and how to contribute
3:45 PM: Getting Started with Ubuntu Frame (video)
4:30 PM: Mir Team/Ubuntu Frame live Q&A

To Be Scheduled:
Kubuntu/Ubuntu Studio/Kubuntu Focus