Ubuntu for Everyone video

I was thinking about the future, not now. I don’t see anyone using an Ubuntu tablet or Ubuntubook on a train or in other places. There was a chance once to have Ubuntu tablets and phones, not any more. And, the chance of that future had gone, sadly.

Not with that attitude you won’t! :smiley:

Look, this was an idea I had some months back. Nobody picked it up, but I still think it’s got the core of a good idea.
If you don’t like it or don’t want to get involved, then don’t. Simple. But filling this thread with your negativity isn’t helping. Thanks.


This thread was in the top somehow, and I read it through, before replying to it. And, I thought I should. To make a video, either there should be a community, who’d do it, or a company, who’d sponsor it. None had come through, except a company (free ?). Maybe, someone here still would do the video.

Am I right in thinking that people who want to get involved shoot a very short “story”, say 30 to 45 seconds per video - or was that in total for the whole thing? Per section feels right, that should be enough to convey the activity that is happening, as per Popey’s original post, and should have enough time for a beginning a middle and and end. But could very quickly add up to a five minute video which is probably too long. Maybe we do a series of videos, each one has two or three sections in it?

So, for example, I take the “gaming” topic:

  1. I get my kids sat around the TV.
  2. One of them turns the TV on, and you can see the Ubuntu desktop.
  3. Somehow they launch a game (mouse, air mouse, “the magic of cinema”, doesn’t matter)
  4. They all grab a controller and start playing and having a jolly old time
  5. THE END

One problem I do foresee is that with everyone using different equipment to shoot their video, each “story” will look very different. Either we have to agree on a standard video camera (unlikely) or perhaps this is something that can be fixed by someone with the right skills and equipment, @marshallspight for example :wink:

I can put a Google doc together for people to sign up and add their stuff, or we can do it all on this thread. WDYT?

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My contribution could be some sort of “out of the box”-story:

  • my daughter turns her laptop on and logs into GDM
  • camera zoom on the dock where telegram has a green badge (1) for a new message
  • new notification pops and she clicks on the notification banner
  • plugs HDMI-cable in and continues on her television

:thinking: :slight_smile:


Pity to see that nothing much seems to have come from some pretty good idea(s).

When I saw the topic and the OP I thought of the fan made video for the Finnish Symphonic Metal Band Nightwish in which fans of the band sent in clips of themselves talking about the band and what the band meant to them. Three (or four?) people were chosen from the clips to have some more video of them taking telling their stories in more depth (and they were all taken to concerts and met the band etc.)…

Could a similar approach work for Ubuntu? Let anyone that would like to submit a video do so showing of their install and what they do with Ubuntu daily and perhaps how using Ubuntu enables them in different ways etc. Perhaps a catch phrase like “My Ubuntu” or something similar could be the uniting theme for the clips.

Heck, if there is enough money in some community fund from Canonical you could go so far as inviting two or three people to the next major Convention to meet Mark Shuttleworth or see him and or someone like Linus Torvalds speak (but this might be something that appeals to only a certain demographic and might not incentivise average users to participate).

With a few volunteers to take the clips and turn it into something coherent the next step would be to simple get the word out there and get people to start submitting… Seems a waste to make a good idea fade away without any attempt.

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Could it be using something like YakYak or Discord to communicate to others and friends?

No one appears to be interested in making videos on Ubuntu (19.04), other than “OMG! Ubuntu” and “It’s Foss” these days (in 2019). The last vids are also from them in 2018. Ubuntu doesn’t appear to be that popular as it was once. Some once popular Ubuntu related web sites have gone silent, since the transfer from Unity. (Webupd8, Noobslab etc).

@chanath well, that means the video is even more necessary than before :sweat_smile:


True enough, but you’d need a web site that would get priority in web search and also that someone wants to look in there. If there’s no those two websites mentioned above, no news about Ubuntu would get through to people. Quite sad to notice that the interest in this distro is wanting fast.

I like the idea very much! I just switched to Ubuntu from Windows and it’s amazing, how powerful the system is.