Ubuntu font update available for testing

I think a simple solution would be to add the original Ubuntu font as a Legacy option that can be easily switched – while improving the current beta font based on feedback.

That is a fair point. In fact, I like both styles. Let the Ubuntu font modernize if that is the way things should go. I can always revert to the older style if I choose to. The new one may grow on me anyway, as many Ubuntu changes have.

Edit: In fact, my initial judgment may have simply been a negative gut reaction from having the font I’ve been using for years be altered. While the older style was quite nice, I think I could adjust to the newer style over time. It does look pleasant, and it seems to fit the Yaru “open and airy” light theme well. The only criticism I would give is to consider “i”'s and “j”'s. The spacing between the dot and the rest of the character may be too small. It almost blends together at a glance.

A good example is if you open up nautilus/Files and look at the sidebar where you see Videos. On my 1440p 27" screen, it almost looks like Vldeos if I’m not looking directly at it. That may just be my interpretation though and I’d like to hear the experience of others.

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Neofetch fan here, after upgrading to Lunar I’m seeing some distortion in both old and new logos with the new fonts. I’m using small font sizes (8).

Screenshot from 2023-03-29 12-42-42

Ubuntu Mono Regular 12 (v0.83) vs Ubuntu Mono ‘NEW’ Regular 11 (v0.863)
Note: the new variant is thinner. See the GIF image below.


The old v0.83 didn’t have a Medium font weight. The new v0.863 does. So the designers had to make a regular weight thinner.

I prefer the old regular variant (v0.83), because the lines are bolder. The new regular variant (v0.863) looks like ‘Ubuntu Mono Thin’ to me.

(I had to create a second post, because new users are forbidden to embed more than one image.)

Ubuntu Mono Regular 12 (v0.83) vs Ubuntu Mono ‘NEW’ Medium 11 (v0.863)
Note: the new Medium variant is bolder than the old Regular variant. See the GIF image below.


The new Medium variant (v0.863) is too bold for my tastes. It won’t be able to ‘replace’ the old Regular variant.

Thanks for the comment, as a fellow neofetch enjoyer this is something we def need to fix for release :slight_smile:

Random semi-related thought about the new fonts being “thinner”: helping https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gtk/-/merge_requests/3059 along would make fonts render a bit thicker due to how correct text rendering works.

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The center of “8” is too thin imo.
2560 x 1440 monitor, not scaled.

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I concur this this 100 percent! As humans, we are – initially – often reluctant to change, but some things do ‘grow’ on us – especially as they improve. So too, it’s always a great idea to have the ability to revert back if desired.

I feel the new 869 version (Mantic) more neat?
Or is it just psy?

Where is the changelog?

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I confuse гора and ropa quite often. It’s so embarrassing to walk into a store and try to buy a mountain – or worse, go to a mountain and try to buy some clothes.

Seriously though, I’m often annoyed by the similarity of г and r and р and p. We’ve got more pixels, let’s use them to disambiguate what we’re reading.

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They can be used to trick users into using fake addresses and stuff like that.

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Yeah, looking at the new font with various displays, it’s sharper – not as thick, but it does have sharper look.