Ubuntu Desktop GNOME plans for the incoming LTS

Again absolutely understandable ! Will be looking forward to 22.04 nevertheless, cheers.

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the approach described by @seb128 is reasonable and thanks for sharing this with us. In short, do you think the full migration/integration with libadwaita will speed up the integration of the latest Gnome releases with the next LTS?

This is true, but we prefer to change something for us in a way that could not work in future.

Also, theming one isn’t the only blocker as it would be shipping software that has mostly been rewritten just before an LTS.


how gnome 42 will work without gtk4?

The desktop team will just not ship GTK4 programs in the main repo because most apps switched to GTK4 just in this cycle (except for the “Extensions” app that switched already last cycle). The GTK 4 apps in main will have to stay at version 41 for this reason. The devolpers fear hat those are not tested enough and might show more regressions than usual. Mutter and Gnome-shell don’t depend on GTK at all (gnome-shell has its own integrated toolkit called “clutter”) and we might see some GTK 4 programs in the universe repo. The ones that will certainly stay at version 41 are Files (Nautilus) and gnome-control-center (Settings). Those will just use GTK 3 as usual (which is installable in parallel to GTK 4).

What parts do you expect will break?


I wrong above, thank you for remove of my misconception

At least Nautilus didn’t finish the switch to GTK4, thus Ubuntu can and will ship version 42. It is in main already. Less diff to upstream is a good thing.


One package that I would love to see updated is libarchive to version 3.6 for it’s increased RAR and ZIP compatibility. But it is not in Debian yet, so probably no dice.

Changelog (February 9th):
Libarchive 3.6.0 is a feature and bugfix release.

New features:

  • tar: new option “–no-read-sparse” (#1614)
  • tar: threads support for zstd (#1567)
  • RAR reader: filter support (#1503)
  • RAR5 reader: self-extracting archive support (#1585)
  • ZIP reader: zstd decompression support (#1518)

Other notable bugfixes and improvements:

  • tar: respect “–ignore-zeros” in c, r and u modes (#1620)
  • reduced size of application binaries (#1625)
  • internal code optimizations

Good day. Are there plans to update mokutil to the latest version 0.5.0 supporting --sbat option?

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