Ubuntu Desktop 24.04 LTS roadmap highlights

Really appreciate the response. Since both are already integrated into 22.04 LTS, (even though without multi-monitor support) is it at least possible to…

  1. Create an optional step setting for the zoom, so it is not so drastic when using the shortcut?
  2. Create a shortcut option for the brightness setting?

Thank you <3

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Yup. Recently got switched to wayland without my knowledge (swapped nvidia to amd gpu) and to my surprise basic things like push to talk stopped working. Only after some digging I have found that I’m on wayland and experiencing this drawback. Went straight back to x11


First at first, these are awesome changes. I love the way how Ubuntu Desktop is being developed. Especially --simulate flag will be really useful for me in order to test stuff accordingly.

I have few questions about other products though:

  1. Will Ubuntu Core Desktop be published at around/same time?
  2. Can we install other desktop environments (e.g. KDE) on Ubuntu Core desktop? Or anything like Kubuntu will be developed for (K)Ubuntu Core Desktop?



Yeah, Wayland is still young, but not bad – I haven’t had any issues with it. Just think about what it could be in a couple decades like X :wink:


I believe these are changes needed upstream (i.e. GNOME). For zoom, the GNOME foundation received a grant from the SWF with accessibility being a focus. My recommendation is to get in touch with that project.

I’ve written down both of these into my ‘roadmap’ scratch pad list. The only promise I can make is that we’ll consider these for prioritisation and inclusion in future roadmaps. I hope that is acceptable?



  1. Will Ubuntu Core Desktop be published at around/same time?

It won’t be released by 24.04, and unfortunately, I can’t provide a date until we’ve worked through issues that need resolution – we want the user experience to be excellent and that’s going to take time. Thankfully the work we’re doing in Core Desktop in many instances benefits classic/hybrid even though the linkage might not be immediately apparent.

  1. Can we install other desktop environments (e.g. KDE) on Ubuntu Core desktop? Or anything like Kubuntu will be developed for (K)Ubuntu Core Desktop?

All I can say on this currently is I hope so!


Indeed; I will reach out to them as well. Thank you for being specific in your response. With the computer being my lifeline, I eagerly await April after attempting countless distros over the past 4 years. :pray:


We think we should be able to make the plugins use the GTK_MAJOR_VERSION define to support both GTK3 and GTK4 while the transition is in progress. The plan is to identify the most popular plugins and fix them before the transition occurs.

Older distros will have to stay on an older version of Flutter if they don’t have GTK4 available. We think that most distros should have GTK4 now so hopefully this is the right time to switch. It doesn’t seem practical to support both GTK3 and GTK4 in Flutter.

Hope this helps!


Important for me personally, are there any plans to integrate the App Center, and Snaps in general, like GNOME’s Weather app, into GNOME’s centralized search?

I think the best possible Ubuntu experience is when the GNOME experience is fully functional.


No plans currently, but I have ambitions in this area :slight_smile:


Agree , this is one of the reason we remove app center and install gnome-software+flatpak

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Are there any plans concerning the visibility of Variable Refresh Rate in Settings?

As far as I’m aware I don’t believe it’ll be ready in time :frowning: … would love to be wrong though!

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You don’t need to remove app-center, you may keep both app-center and gnome-software.

Here’s hoping… I know the circumstances are different than Triple Buffering, but if VRR made it into 24.04 that’d totally rock.

I wish GTK 4 is system wide. I see some windows vibes he 23.10 where windows 7 artifacts are still present LOL. I understand that Gnome-terminal is not yet ported t o GTK4 because ofcourse gnome-console is there… anyways enjoying ubuntu still

It is a large process until all apps are ported to GTK4. I expect this needs minimum one further year. And GIMP is even only GTK2 and will take maybe 5 years until its ported to GTK4 :smiley:

Gnome Terminal will be ported to GTK4/libadwaita with Gnome 47 (= Ubuntu 24.10).

Gladly on Ubuntu the difference between GTK3 and GTK4/libadwaita apps is negligible thanks to the Yaru theme.

Next year GTK5 will be released. So we will have GTK5 before alle GTK3 apps are ported to GTK4.

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Maybe some regular JAM or Fest hosted by GNOME foundation could make this progress more adaptable to next Ubuntu/Fedora release, but currently gitlab is not so well designed for this.

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Almost exhausting to think how in 15 years no real progress was made towards Wayland. We still have no Wayland and a top bar that does nothing but staying there in the desktop version, but at least this world makes a difference in enterprise.

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