Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Beta Testing

The Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Noble Numbat Beta is fresh off the presses and we need the community to do what they do best: Take the beta for a test drive and help us identify and crush any remaining bugs. Let’s make this LTS release the best one yet!

Security as a first priority

As you may have noticed, the beta was released later than usual this cycle. This was decided as a result of the recent xz/liblzma security incident. Canonical views safety, security and reliability as top priorities, and while delaying a beta is a difficult decision, it was done so to ensure Ubuntu remains a trusted platform for its many users. You can read more about this decision in this recent update.

Getting started

Start by simply downloading the Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Beta Image, install it on your machine (physical or virtual), perform the variety of test cases found on the ISO tracker and report your results. If you experience any bugs along the way, please consider also submitting a bug report with your findings.

New features to test

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS will ship with a number of exciting new features that we want to ensure are in tip-top shape for release day. Here are a few of them:

Ubuntu Desktop Installer Improvements

The Ubuntu Desktop Installer has received a number of visual and functional improvements. From the start, users will notice a new Accessibility section where they enable settings to accommodate users personal needs and preferences. This is followed by a new option to import autoinstall configurations for templated custom provisioning. Further into the flow you’ll find options for experimental ZFS and TPM-backed full disk encryption. With these enhanced options the matrix of installation combinations is expanding significantly and we want confidence that we have covered as many different ways to install Ubuntu Desktop as possible on as wide a range of hardware as we can. Don’t just focus on the new features, feel free to play with dual boot, custom partitions and real world hardware to ensure the happy path stays healthy!

Any issues related to the desktop installer can be reported on the Ubuntu Desktop Provision Github Repository.

Other places to engage with Ubuntu 24.04 LTS testing

If you don’t have access to a laptop or other x86 hardware to test the latest builds we still want to ensure we’re delivering a great experience on a number of other platforms.

  • Ubuntu on WSL - download the ‘Ubuntu Preview’ application from the Windows store to get the latest, tested daily builds.
  • Raspberry Pi - Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is designed to support the Raspberry Pi 4 and new Raspberry Pi 5, get the latest daily builds here.
  • VM software - Try QEMU, Virtual Box, VMware player

App Center and Firmware Updater

The Ubuntu App Center has received a number of new features and improvements since it was first introduced in Ubuntu 23.10. As a vital tool for managing the software on your device, we want to make sure it’s a polished user experience.

  • Search, install and run various applications.
  • Try installing different versions of applications
  • Update existing Snaps within the Manage section.

If you experience any bugs during testing, please consider filing an issue on the App Center Github repository.

Ubuntu 24.04 will be released with an all new graphical firmware update tool. If you’re testing the beta on a physical machine, there are a few ways you can help test its functionality. (Please note: Updating firmware has its risks and should be performed with caution)

  • Check if your device hardware is properly detected and displayed.
  • If firmware is available for hardware, try installing or updating it.

If you experience any problems, please consider filing an issue on the Firmware Updater Github repository.


We recently announced the 1.0 release of Netplan, the powerful and declarative network management configuration tool that powers both Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server. With this new release, there are a number of improvements for complex networking configurations, tighter NetworkManager integration, new CLI subcommands, and improved documentation.

Take Netplan for a test drive:

  • Create, edit and apply a netplan configuration on Ubuntu Desktop or Server. (Check this guide for more tips)
  • Try creating various network configurations within NetworkManager and check if they are being properly applied.


Noble will ship with GNOME 46, the latest iteration of the iconic desktop. As with most GNOME releases, there are lots of improvements, features and goodies to explore. Check out the release notes for some highlights.

  • Login and use applications using the default Wayland (default) and X.org session.
  • If you have multiple devices running the Beta, you can test the new Remote Login with RDP feature found in the Remote Desktop application.
  • The Online Accounts application can now connect to Microsoft OneDrive. If you have an account, try to login and browse your OneDrive files from within the File Manager.

Be sure to check out the various instructions within the test cases found on the ISO tracker for other specific testing criteria.

Additional Areas of Interest

Over the next few days the Ubuntu 24.04 LTS release notes will be expanded to cover all of the latest updates and known issues currently available. Keep checking in on that page to deep dive into additional areas you might want to try out and let us know if you encounter any issues that haven’t been tracked.

Spice up your testing

Ubuntu Flavours are an important part of our community and also rely on community testers to ensure their releases are stable and ready for general use. While their testing process is typically very similar to Ubuntu, it’s important to follow their community’s additional testing guidance.

Kubuntu Images

Lubuntu Images

Ubuntu Budgie Images

Ubuntu MATE Images

Ubuntu Studio Images

Ubuntu Unity Images

Xubuntu Images

Edubuntu Images

Ubuntu Cinnamon Images

Chat with fellow Testers

Testing is a community effort and a great opportunity to meet your fellow Ubuntu enthusiasts. Start chatting about your test findings on the Ubuntu Testing Matrix Space, on the #ubuntu-quality IRC channel or on the #testing-cycles channel on the Ubuntu Hideout Discord server.

Additional Learning Resources for Testers

Testing is an excellent way to contribute to the Ubuntu Community. Learn more about contributing via QA and Testing.

For new tester support and additional QA information, please check out our various learning resources:


Is the archive going to be in pre-release freeze from now until release? I have a pretty big fix that is in unapproved right now but want to see if I need to do paperwork/bug work to make sure it gets in or not.

worked fine to install in gnome-boxes the regular Ubuntu Beta iso and took care of the probably last Swedish translation for the installer before the RC time in 7-8 days

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I’m getting a 404 on the download link

Me too. Was the iso removed from repositories?

Hey folks!
Our team is adding a bit extra spice to the beta ISOs and they should be ready to serve tomorrow. In the meantime, please feel free to download and test out the daily build.

Thanks for being patient! It will be worth the wait! :slight_smile:


Yes the freeze will remain in place and items in the unapproved queue will need to be reviewed by the Ubuntu Release team.


Thanks. It was released already anyway, no extra paperwork needed :smile:.

Upgraded from 23.10 and Kernel 6.8 Is unusable on my dell 3420, I have no network at all.
I have to keep using 6.5

I found several bugs:

  • I selected German as language during install, but the installed system was in English.
  • After install the selected network during install was not saved.
  • Fractional scaling does not work on Xorg/Gnome. I can neither enable it through the control center nor through the gsettings. It seems the X11 Fractional Scaling patch was removed from Mutter…
  • There is a “TeX” application entry in the Gnome App Grid, which opens the Gnome Terminal. This should not be there.
  • DEB files are still not installable through GUI. This should be added as Known Issue in the release notes.

@aaronprisk we’re tracking bugs concerning the installer on Launchpad. I’ve tried to make this clear in the readme, but unfortunately having multiple issue trackers is still a bit of a mess (we sync some of our github issues with the internal jira to track development tasks, while trying to maintain some transparency and work with external collaborators).

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Great Work! Please keep it up. I have been testing the noble-desktop 24.04 on an LXD VM, and it is looking awesome.

Please add Ubuntu support for the ASUS Zenbook or Vivobook machines. Things like Intel i915 for Intel Alder Lake-P Integrated Graphics cards or the fingerprint on the keyboard are not working correctly on them.

Thanks a lot for always the great support!

I’m testing it in a virtual machine (Oracle VirtualBox) but windows are not showing up. Strangely terminal (window) is working but when i press “Files” icon, for example, a white/blank ‘thing’ only appears.

Hi all

I did install with new beta , choose btrfs as (/) and after first boot when I type

$ sudo btrfs subvolume list /

got nothing.

lsblk shows this (https://file.io/d1K8jiOUTJdO)

is this ok or ?

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The VirtualBox issue is Bug #2061118 “Rendering issues in vmware/virtualbox with 3d on (...” : Bugs : open-vm-tools package : Ubuntu

The default terminal is GTK3 so it’s not affected by this issue but many other apps are GTK4 and are affected.


Changing renderer, indeed, fixes the issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

If i choose the FDE-TPM Installation my Lenovo X13 Gen2 AMD tells me to put in the luks recovery key at first reboot after the Installation process. But you first get the recovery key after first boot so i cant boot in. I tested this with the current beta iso and all available daily builds including the newest of 14/04/24. I searched that misbehaviour on other Ubuntu forums and figured out that this is a known bug but i cant find any solutions that helps. Anny ideas? Or will this get fixed in the final release?

I installed Ubuntu Noble in English with Italian keyboard ans system works fine. Then from my 1st user I created a second user with language Italian but the second user remain in English:

Hi Bambus this situation can occur when there are specific BIOS settings toggled on your machine that disrupt the signature verification of the boot process, I would check if something like Absolute is enabled on your device and try disabling it. We are working on better reporting for situations like this but it can be tricky to check such settings from inside the OS.

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My device is configured properly. Absolute is completely disabled, secure boot enabled and tpm 2.0 also. I tested every option in bios that could affect this with no solution. Windows bitlocker works like it should on the same machine but is not installed, ssd formatted and systemd cryptenroll with fedora worked also. So i think that this kind of problem is not bios or hardware like but a bug in ubuntu. I am not the only one with this problem and there are several reports out there with the same problem on different kinds of hardware. For me tom based encryption is one of the most important top feature of 24.04 so i wikl wait till this is working.