Ubuntu 20.10: What’s new?

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Ubuntu 20.10 establishes another milestone in Canonical’s long-term commitment to delivering a carrier-grade private cloud. The 33rd release of the most popular Linux distribution in the data centre space, Groovy Gorilla, brings various improvements that enable easier consumption of the fast networking stack across both VMs and containers, straightforward compliance with common security benchmarks and a reference telco cloud implementation.

Join the team of Canonical data centre experts to learn about new features in Ubuntu Server, MAAS, Charmed OpenStack and Charmed Kubernetes. In this webinar, we will present the key highlights of our core data centre products as well as our long-term vision towards data centre implementation.


  • Tytus Kurek, Ubuntu Product Manager
  • Adam Collard, Engineering Manager (MAAS)
  • Tim Van Steenburgh, Engineering Manager (Kubernetes)
  • Rick Harding, Engineering Manager (Server)
  • Billy Olsen, Engineering Manager (OpenStack)