Ubuntu 20.10 GG series names ideas

I wonder what Ubuntu 20.10 GG names will be…


Well, I hope its adoption doesn’t fall short of Gray Goo.


I am personally hoping for Gaudy Gaur, tbh :wink: (indian Bison, looks a lot like the gnu)


Garish Gazelle?
Giddy Gibbon?

Personally, I’d go for Geeky Gecko… :grin:


Bro, Geeky Gecko is AWESOME! i wish that i would have thought of that!


Geeky Gecko is awesome!
Though given the choices of words in the last few code names, I bet it’ll be something odd, like Geared Gharial. :wink:


Gentle Gorilla Looks good


My Grumpy Groundhog will eat your Garrulous Goldfish.


OMG already?! What is this, like some major election in the US? :stuck_out_tongue:
Golden Goose ob. Show me da money.

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Gullible Gull and Goofy Gopher are neat wordplays but who wants a Gullible and Goofy Ubuntu.

Maybe Glorious Guppy?

The next version could come with an animal name that is not only in English. My suggestions:

-> Golfinho Gracioso (Graceful Dolphin)

-> Gorila Gigante (Giant Gorilla)

-> Galinho Generoso (Generous Chicken)

The above suggestions could be, for example, in Portuguese, and alternate with other languages.

Galileo Goes
I’m refering to space. The icon could be a picture of him.

My favourite would be “Gallant Gazelle”.

I chose an African animal which - to me - resembles best the Ubuntu spirit. Think about the provenance of its founder and the warmth of its theme.

And it will be a “gallant” release that will probably see a lot of changes with a bunch of new technologies around the corner. Chances are that this release will finally switch its prime focus to Wayland as a first step to have a rock-stable LTS in 2022. GTK 4.0 will be finished in summer and some GNOME apps might do the switch this year. Tracker is undergoing a rewrite, as well as the Desktop-Icons extension (desktop-icons NG). Gnome-games will switch to a much more performant threading architecture and might support old DOS games. Gimp and Inkscape will have finished their transition to GTK 3. And Firefox will sport hardware accelerated video support by default. Some intersting kernel changes will come with kernel 5.6 and 5.7. Maybe the Ubuntu security team can be convinced to even let Pipewire move to main (to finally have remote desktops be supported in a Wayland session). Gallant times, I’d say.


Animal names:

  • Gerbil
  • Guppy
  • Gar
  • Grasshopper
  • Gharial
  • Gerfalcon


  • Gallivanting
  • Glittering
  • Glazed
  • Grim
  • Gutteral
  • Grumpy
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Grumpy Guppy, I’d say :slight_smile:

i’d suggest Gnarly Guppy :crazy_face:

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:slight_smile: Nice one, eh!

Geeky Gecko is LTS worthy name


How about Genial Giraffe :thinking:

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