Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop World Cup

Today we are kicking off 2020 DESKTOP WORLD CUP! :trophy:

Celebrating 15 years of desktop releases & the upcoming #ubuntu 20.04 LTS. We’re holding an online championship of selected wallpapers from the last 15 years of Ubuntu releases!

A panel of 30 experts have hand picked their favourite Ubuntu wallpapers from all those which shipped by default on #Ubuntu. You get to choose the winner by voting over on Twitter.

Our handy wall-chart shows the 16 selected wallpapers which will go up against each-other in matches over the coming days! The polls will be linked here.

First 8 matches!

Match 1: https://twitter.com/ubuntu/status/1239612522958815235

Match 2: https://twitter.com/ubuntu/status/1239612597663653888

Match 3: https://twitter.com/ubuntu/status/1239612625371234310

Match 4: https://twitter.com/ubuntu/status/1239612659961606145

Match 5: https://twitter.com/ubuntu/status/1239612702529552385

Match 6: https://twitter.com/ubuntu/status/1239612751368126465

Match 7: https://twitter.com/ubuntu/status/1239612783383252999

Match 8: https://twitter.com/ubuntu/status/1239612815326969856

Quarter Finals!

Quarter 1: https://twitter.com/ubuntu/status/1240006057197477893

Quarter 2: https://twitter.com/ubuntu/status/1240006101908815877

Quarter 3: https://twitter.com/ubuntu/status/1240006163611160576

Quarter 4: https://twitter.com/ubuntu/status/1240006190794510338

Down to the semi-finals!

Semi 1: https://twitter.com/ubuntu/status/1240398064642334720

Semi 2: https://twitter.com/ubuntu/status/1240398074931040270

It’s time for the final!



Meanwhile at Mastodon… https://mastodon.social/web/accounts/708157

Thanks! I’ll get rid of that.

I hope 14.04 makes it to the finals. :slight_smile: :heart:

Hurray for 18.04!! :slight_smile:

I really disliked Breezy, Cosmic, Disco an Eoan and I am glad that most of them are out already. I am a bit sorry for Gutsy which was a good one. But Intrepid was a really great one, so the loss was somewhat unavoidable.

Artful was good, too :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

did ubuntu-calendar not make it into the final round or was it simply left out (since it was only a pre-release default for 4.10)

We only selected wallpapers which were on the final ISO images.

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The winner would be a wallpaper before 17.04, I guess.

The problem with Artful was the unwanted “anime girl” connotation. Once you saw it, you coudn’t unsee it ‘°_°’

From the pure aesthetics, I liked it probably more than Bionic. It is more hinted at and less sketched out.


Added the Quarter Finals to the post!

18.04 Hardy Very nice