UbuCon Asia 2021 - Videos will be released with YouTube Premieres this weekends

Have you missed or forgot to join recent UbuCon Asia event?

While we still working on finances, swags, and other post-event stuffs… We just finished editing and uploading videos today.
So, Coming this week, UbuCon Asia 2021 videos will be released via YouTube premieres.

Videos will begin released sequentially from 2021-10-10T01:00:00Z

You may subscribe our YouTube channel or Visit playlist and set notification for videos you want.

UbuCon Asia YouTube

Day 1, Room 1 playlist

Day 1, Room 2 playlist

Day 2, Room 1 playlist

Day 2, Room 2 playlist

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You can see full re-stream schedule with links to each YouTube video on here in your timezone