Tweaking themes to save space on the screen top

Thank you, that’s great :smiley::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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It’s a minor thing but why the close button is without the orange circle?

I am not a big fan of this extension, since it makes a mess with windows controls :frowning:

Maybe it’s not perfect, but on my laptop I could save lot of wasted vertical space. Also, the controls were on the left like they used to, the buttons would have been in the place where Activities is, which would be much less messy than moving all the other things.

Yes I fixed this in my second PR. Wrong color in the first one.

@c-lobrano what exactly is messed up?

If you mean this, I see you made them white, but I still don’t see the orange circle :confused: Am I missing something? :thinking:

This is about what I was expecting to see @frederik-f

This is what I meant:

Ah alright, I made this on purpose, since I think the red looks odd in the monochrome title bar =)

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We do not take changes and any additional software/extension lightely (as if it’s installed by default, Canonical will have to support security-wise, QA it and so on).

The upstream status (actively developped, number of bugs, known vulnerabilities, testsuite, already packaged in debian/ubuntu and so on) should be stated in a Main Inclusion Request:

I suggest someone look at that, and then, assess here the quality. Then, we can talk about it on our Ubuntu Desktop weekly IRC meeting (and maybe you can join?) It’s on Tuesday, 14:30 UTC, #ubuntu-desktop channel on Freenode.


I don’t like the windows control to stay at the rightmost place in the top bar, but honestly, I can’t find any good space to place them.

Oh I get it, well I liked the orange more so I edited the close file by myself :sweat_smile: I find the orange to be more consistent, and also attracts my eyes towards the buttons. Tough I also get your point in making it monochrome.

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I think the default is to have them before the status area, but I moved them to the right so it feels like the top bar is the decoration of a maximised window and the controls are built onto the decoration itself (like some special menus).

I really like this setup as I find it consistent and allows me to save space, but I think that if we are really considering including it, we should try it ourselves for a while so we get some pros and cons.

I think the most useful use case if with people using laptops or screens around 15’’. I think the ubuntu statistics tool should provide some numbers about how frequent are these screen sizes.

So far the only issue I found is that it treats snapped windows (left or right side) like maximised ones, so removing the title bar and adding the buttons on top. There is an option to not show the buttons for snapped windows, but it should eventually add back the title bar, otherwise you lose any control.

These are my settings:

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Default settings places them before the status menu like in my screenshot. But ofc it is not as logical as in unity 7 because they were placed on the left where activities are now.
Now with the Suru window controls it feels mostly like an advantage to me with all the programs not using CSD since gnome also doesn’t use a global menu so we end up (as you know since we talked so often about that ^^) with three bars in the worst case (panel, title bar, menu bar) and that’s really a lot of space wasted for nothing.

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So, if an application has a headerbar instead, this extension does nothing, does it?

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There is a setting though that displays the buttons even if it’s a regular gnome CSD app.
I think that option would need to be removed if this would be ever moved into Ubuntu :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t the behavior be too different then? Some windows controls would be in the window and some others in the top bar. I believe the user might be puzzled by this

The controls are only placed in the top panel when you maximize that not-CSD-app (telegram, spotify, vscode, … all that thousand web and/or eletron apps, … or intellij IDE’s).

Start the app

Maximize it with double click on the headerbar or clicking maximize

I am pretty sure people will find the X, but ofc you are right that the ideal solution would be to have them all in the same place. If only CSD would be wider accepted

Alternatively the close button could stay orange, I would personally prefer the monochrome solution

I’d suggest the orange one, as it’s easily noticeable and also to move the controls after the status area. I think the top right corner is where a user would most expect to find them. Having them before the status area seems confusing to me, or at least less intuitive :thinking:

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This seems inconsistent (especially given that then there’s no window title for the maximized application)? Instead you can just reduce the thickness of the top bar on traditional apps (which Yaru already does)?

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