Thunderbird calendar in GNOME Shell default apps?


TB is not listed in calendar providers by GNOME Shell, in prefs/default apps.
I just have Evolution.

So, is that intended? Does TB really handles calendar actions?
I know that Lightning was an add-on, but that’s no more the case.
I do use TB snap, is that a snap-only bug?

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You are speaking about the ‘default applications’ screen in settings right? The calendar section is listing softwares that claim the x-scheme-handler/calendar mimetype in their .desktop, which isn’t the case of thunderbird.

Could you perhaps report the bug upstream on ?


Ok I got an answer:

The main bug:

The fix:

Six months to go for TB 91 snap. :wink:
(I know that TB snap offers a beta channel, but I need a stable email client…)