The GNOME 3.34 migration (what are your bugs?)

Everything went reasonably well with just some scary moments when my user was logged out during the install and when I resumed update-manager it gave some scary sounding errors and my system froze:

But after a complete shutdown the install was completed and everything is rather fast and stable now and the new folder management in the desktop grid is great.

I am not too sure if I like it that all my mounted hard partitions are always shown in the dock now. I would have that rather limited to external drives like USB sticks.

One other thing I noticed with the docK: do you feel that the icons are harder to be moved around with Eoan?

Hmm. I spottet just three functional regressions:

    • When bringing up the Date/Time popup, different time zones and the weather were always shown within the popup, but now “Add world clocks…” and “Choose place…” are shown instead. I have to bring up gnome-weather and gnome-clocks themselves to see that information. Is that a problem for everybody? Or is it just me?

      It might be related to the fact that both Weather and Clocks are still on version 3.32 in the archive. Both have new tarballs available in

Other than that (and things like the desktop right-click menu not yet translated) it gets my personal pass to be released :wink:

Nope, I am also seeing the issue with gnome weather and clock.


@seb128, shall I file a bug (for a possible FFe?), or isn’t that needed?

I wonder if it is related to the fact both GNOME Clocks and Weather are still on version 3.32 and not on 3.34?

Edit: Looks like many app are on older version like GNOME Software (I think on 3.30) and Epiphany (3.32). I hope these get updated to 3.34 soon.

Two themes at the same time. Not a bug, I believe. :slight_smile:
And, Ermine looking on.

Touchscreen movements, such as zooming, scrolling doesn’t work with Firefox, but works normally with Vivaldi. Also works with Nautilus, such as expanding, moving around etc.

Can put different apps in a folder, still unnamed, just by dragging in. Don’t know how to rename that “Unnamed F…” yet. No more than 10 characters are shown. (This might be a bug.)
EDIT: Found how. org>gnome>desktop>app-folders>folders and changed the name to Accessories.

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For the moment, I rename the Category folders with 10 characters or less. Found how to do that.

Can understand why the “upstream” doesn’t add more than 2 folders, Sundry and Utilities, even though one can now drag and drop app icons to make folders. If they added System Tools, there’d be a problem with “System T…”

Firefox not supporting touch input has been from day one. I think that’s up to Mozilla.

You are right. Checked that in other distros too. Had not been using Firefox for last 5-6 years. It comes as default with distros, sometimes gets uninstalled, sometimes just stays there. :slight_smile:

@jbicha to the rescue :wink:

gnome-clocks (3.34.0-1) unstable; urgency=medium

  • New upstream release
    • Expose world clock locations to gnome-shell

It is already a valid candidate and will be copied to the release pocket soon.

That means that gnome-weather needs the same update.


An update this morning restored “World Clocks” but “Weather” is still broken. I guess a further update (to gnome-weather) is on its way.

The first one is on purpose

The new epiphany-browser has been uploaded for a while, it just didn’t migrate yet to the release pocket
(one of the test is failing because relying in internet access)

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As per my post on the Ubuntu Forums:

Bug #1843419 “gnome-shell's alt-f2 r (refresh) kills non-gnome a...” : Bugs : gnome-shell package : Ubuntu - ‘Alt F2 + r’ restart kills apps
Bug #1842910 “Desktop right click menu appears in the wrong plac...” : Bugs : gnome-shell package : Ubuntu - right click menu appears wrong place
Bug #1843572 “Unable to select icons on the Ubuntu dock” : Bugs : gnome-shell package : Ubuntu - dock icons not functioning
Bug #1843605 “Interactive menu gets frozen and cannot be removed...” : Bugs : gnome-shell package : Ubuntu - frozen right click menu

Unfortunately these issues make running the development release somewhat difficult at present. :frowning:


@seb128 Please cherry-pick

Your latest packaging wasn’t pushed to Salsa so I’ll let you handle this. :smile:

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All of those bugs are present in my install, but ‘Alt-F2’ works fine for me, my apps are not killed after it is done running. The Dock seems very buggy at the moment.

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I’ve had this bug with the cosmic, disco and now eoan releases. As far as I can remember it’s related to running with multiple workspaces, having specific options enabled in Tweaks and restarting the shell with an application on I think the last workspace. I also saw the same or at least a very similar problem, as did others, when running Fedora 29 a while back.

@jbicha pushed a Gnome-Weather update today, but that didn’t fix the weather to be shown directly in the popover again. On the other hand the commit message didn’t claim to do so and it was an update on the 3.32 branch and not the 3.33/34 one.

BTW, they seem to have failed to update the release tag upstream. I still see 3.33.90 in the official 3.34 tarball.


Not really a bug but a wish : now that GNOME allows to launch Synaptic as root running a Wayland session, it could be nice to modify the Synaptic desktop launcher to “sudo synaptic” instead of the Wayland-failing “synaptic-pkexec” ?


The App menu behaves strangely for me. I have a few icons hiding behind the doc and then the rest starts disappearing when I hover the mouse over them. Rest of the system is stable for me.

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