The collection of Charmed Operators - Whitepaper

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Software operators are important for IT admins for automation, effort reduction and handling complexity. Of course, installing applications does not represent a big challenge. Real effort starts when operating the application. Using software operators is not only about less effort, but it also reduces failure resulting from manual executions. For software vendors, providing operators is an opportunity: it is not only about providing additional automation, but operators reducing issues improve the application experience.

Moreover, the modern landscape is also about integration, the composition of applications. Canonical has created a model-driven way of operators: the Charmed Operators. On a model level relations between applications are declared. Forming compositions makes even more sense, if a collection of operators is available. This white paper introduces and explains important concepts of Charmed Operators. Readers who start to learn more about software operators will easily get along. Experts and IT administrators who know already about operators in general will learn about the Canonical implementation for Software operators: The Charmed Operator Framework,

Read this white paper to learn more about:

  • How the Canonical implementation of the operator pattern also support application compositions
  • How Charmed Operators add value for the users of them the operators and IT administrators
  • How vendors can take advantage using Charmed Operators to reduce support issues and improve the customer experience
  • How a collection of Charmed Operators represents the enabling foundation for composing applications
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