Testing Unity Session in 19.04

Is it supposed to be fix already? I’m still getting the schemas missing error

HUD is working, though I never use it. Tap alt

Thanks for the U-T-T. :joy:

https://pastebin.com/zukjUaHe >> xorg log
https://pastebin.com/dkCcxcJq >> unity-settings-daemon log

Nothing on syslog

These logs were generated during
a) lock using keyboard shortcut
b) wait until screen shut down
c) type my password and press enter
d) switch to tty2 and back to desktop

From 18.10 ? This is 19.04 thread ? Did you upgrade from 18.10 ?

Did disabling the dimming work for you ? Dimming is broken on many new hardware and not an unity specific issue.

Usd seems trying to set input device and fails when lockscreen is still idle may be a delay from intel hid. Other than that not much useful information. Do you have synaptic driver installed? If so uninstall it and reboot. Only use libinput driver.

When was the last time it worked for you? May be you check booting into older kernel if it is the same.

Do not use purge command on gnome. There are lots gnome libraries that unity depends on.

What do you mean by moving home folder? ~/.config or ~/.local/share in older version won’t be compatible with newer version. Instead use a 2nd partion, install Ubuntu dual boot and move only Documents and other personal files. You can still move folder inside .config selectively.

If possible please try with persistent live usb and install minimal unity on it and check. I will ask @dale-f-beaudoin to update the iso.

Not sure why it’s reporting 18.10 tbh, it’s a disco install on latest kernel 5.0.0. I have bionic on a separate partition which also has the same issue on a brand new user profile.

xorg-synaptics was installed, I’ve now got rid of it and rebooted, let’s see what happens.

I’ve noticed that when the lockscreen is acting up, if I connect an external monitor it comes back to life. Could this be some sort of X issue?

Yes most likely graphics driver or kernel bug.

One side effect of removing synaptics is that I cannot configure my touchpad or mouse anymore in unity control panel. Is there a workaround?

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No. Libinput port will happen next cycle. You can just install it back if that is not what causing the issue.

Copy that, will configure directly via xorg config files for now. Will report back. Thank you :+1:

Atm gnome-control-center info panel works, unity-control-center info segfaults.
bt here

I fixed that in the PPA, u-c-c merge is pending.

@khurshid-alam is Unity Tweak Tool fixed yet? Still getting the schemas error

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Try the new version ppa. They haven’t made a release yet.

Unfortunately the issue wasn’t synaptics, I have it re-occurring today. Will continue investigating.

I have the PPA in my system.

Unless there was another one.

Is compiz effects going to be working in 19.04 (not working for me at the moment)?

I built from mini using the ubuntu-unity-desktop out of universe so maybe the changes
to get it working are not merged from the PPA and I need to add the PPA or wait until
they are merged?

Am I missing something possibly?

Compiz effects and Unity are what keep me on Ubuntu. Without them I might as well
switch to Arch or Fedora and run Vanilla Gnome Shell(especially since Ubuntu yanked
python-vte and broke any remastersys clones which need a complete redesign to get
working properly again… I have a hack to get by in 19.04 to get time to do the redesign).

Just trying to get a status so I know where I stand and whether to wait for a fix or
start looking for another distro.


I missed the one post with the info I needed when I looked through
all of the posts.

It’s working now. I just needed to set the profile to “unity” in CCSM
and set it back up.

So in short I was missing something as usual.

Thanks for your hard work keeping Unity working as I would be
not happy having to run Gnome Shell.

Back to working on the builder rewrite.



Whoops. I just realized that there was another version. My bad.

Totally goofed XD

So I wanted to connect my Ubuntu SSO account, but there’s no login button

Likely related to gtk3-nocsd, so the cancel and connect buttons aren’t drawn.
You can either do this in a gnome-shell session or remove gtk3-nocsd, reboot and they’ll be there.